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        ?  Wellhead assembly and X'mas Tree 
        ?  Choke and kill manifold 
        ?  Drilling fluid manifold 
        ?  Mud gas separator
        ?  Valve
        ?  Surface control assembly
        ?  High- pressure union
        ?  High-pressure swing joint
        ?  BOP
        ?  Well service power tong
        ?  Casing tong
        ?  Drill pipe tong
        ?  Torque control recorder system
        ?  Buching unit
        ?  Subsurface sucker rod pump
        ?  Gas leak test stand
        ?  BOP hydraulic control panel
        ?  Mud pump fittings
        ?  Flange and cross
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          Yancheng kaiming drilling and mining equipment co., LTD., located in jianhu, jiangsu, the famous hometown of petroleum machinery in China, is a specialized enterprise designated by large petroleum enterprises to produce petroleum machinery and drilling and mining accessories.
          The company has obtained the special equipment manufacturing license issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO10012 measurement management system certification and API 6A product technical specification certification. The company has all kinds of metal cutting equipment, metal processing equipment and CNC and other types of mechanical processing equipment; Equipped with physical and chemical room, measuring room and advanced laboratory, inspection equipment, with intelligent pressure testing system and gas seal test device. Product quality testing equipment, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, strong production and research and development force.
          The company's main products are: casing head, production (oil) gas, thermal production, injection wellhead device, throttling kill manifold, drilling fluid manifold, blowout preventer, power clamp, pump, packer and other downhole tools, drilling accessories and high and high pressure series valves. Suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical and other engineering equipment and pipeline matching, also can be designed and produced according to user requirements. Products are sold to daqing, shengli, xinjiang and other major national oil fields, and exported to North America, Russia and other countries.
          "Starting from the subtle, the tree is an enlightened first-class image." Companies adhering to the market as the guide, quality of survival, increase investment in technological transformation, speed up the development of new products business philosophy and improve the enterprise operation system, constantly meet customer needs and adapt to the future market development needs.
          Warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to visit, guide and negotiate business.

        COPYRIGHT(C)2011  Yancheng Kaiming Drilling and Production Equipment Co., Ltd.(蘇ICP備18010693號) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 
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